Cecil Field Demo

Cecil Field Demo - job completed and cleaned up within 4 days

Getting Better and Better

ELS is paving the way making improvements to the facility. 2020 is off to a great start! We paved part of our entrance with the goal of having the whole facility paved by the end of the year. 

 One of ELS' current projects. We formed and graded this 500'x5' sidewalk for Grand Landings Development in Palm Coast. Cement will be poured soon! 

ELS' Finished Sidewalk

After we poured the cement - the final product looks great!

Pool Deck Grading

A newly graded pool deck, we do it all!

ELS current stem wall project

Amazing 8,000 sq ft home being built on A1A that ELS is working on.

ELS is grateful to be a part of this project on A1A - here's the completed fill for the stem wall.