Dump Site

Environmental Land Services is very unique. Because we are a DEP permitted Class I & III Transfer Station and material recovery facility (MRF) we are able to take in a variety of material and recycle a majority of them.

We DO NOT ACCEPT: Hazardous waste, batteries, tires, oil and paint.  


Solid Waste/Garbage

Transfer Station

Class I & III Transfer Station can accept everything from: Food waste, Mattresses, Treated lumber and more. 

Call for details.

Construction Debris

Construction Debris

This is our greatest area of material recovery.  We take in the following products: Wood, Metal, Plastic, Paper, Cardboard, Concrete, Roofing and  more.

Yard Waste

Land Clearing, Construction Debris

Perfect location for Landscaping and Maintenance Companies. Not only can you drop off yard waste, (from sod to big trees) but you can also pick up mulch, dirt and aggregate on your way out!


Concrete Demolition

 Environmental Land Services will accept dirty & clean concrete, cement truck clean-outs, roofing tiles & floor tiles. We accept clean concrete for free; however, there will be a slight charge for dirty concrete (to offset the cost for removing rebar and metal). Call for pricing 386.447.2222